Rosa Oliveras

Rosa Oliveras

Rosa Oliveras

Co-Founder and Facilitation Expert Inner Journey Method™

Lead-Trainer in Inner Journey Method™ certification processes

Organizational Psychologist, coach, trainer of personal and professional skills and psycho-corporal trainer, and has extensive experience as Director of Human Resources and as Head of People Development.

She has been an advisory member of the Health work commission within the National Values Plan of the Generalitat de Catalunya. She is the creator of Danceworking, a playful-formative methodology with body movement for the development of skills.

Certified in Training, NLP, Clean & Emergent Coaching and Biodanza Teacher, she currently works as a trainer and psychologist-coach, helping people, couples and small groups reduce their stress, communicate better and maximize their potential and well-being in the personal and personal sphere. professional.

With her listening skills and interpersonal understanding, she is passionate about working with people who want to respect, honor and empower their abilities, believe and grow in their areas of talents and strengths.

She is cocreator of the Inner Journey Method™ with Silvestre Ríos.

All courses of Rosa Oliveras

Inner Journey Method™ Facilitator Certification

Level 3: Deepening and group dynamics

A closer look at the method to expand the scope of the interventions, and learning of group dynamics to help teams to unite and optimize their operation.

Inner Journey Method™ Facilitator Certification

Level 2: Individual tools and techniques

An intensive experience of acquisition of facilitation technique and dynamics of self-knowledge and individual transformation.

Inner Journey Method™ Facilitator Certification

Level 1: Fundamentals and techniques

An exciting itinerary through the foundations of the method. An essential step to accompany others with the Inner Journey Method. Immediately applicable.