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Above all, a tool for connecting with oneself and between people

Inner Journey Method™ is a method of introspection, for the observation of one's own mental and emotional processes, and dynamizationof attitudes, emotions and dispositions to action for change.

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A selection of Inner Journey Method courses, trainings and workshops we offer.

Inner Journey Method™ Facilitator Certification

Level 1: Fundamentals and techniques

An exciting itinerary through the foundations of the method. An essential step to accompany others with the Inner Journey Method. Immediately applicable.

Inner Journey Method™ Facilitator Certification

Level 2: Individual tools and techniques

An intensive experience of acquisition of facilitation technique and dynamics of self-knowledge and individual transformation.

Inner Journey Method™ Facilitator Certification

Level 3: Deepening and group dynamics

A closer look at the method to expand the scope of the interventions, and learning of group dynamics to help teams to unite and optimize their operation.

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The search

The search

Published: 01/10/2020

Many of us are or have been "seekers." We are people who feel a yearning to discover more things or to discover ourselves, to understand a little beyond what has been given to us, to understand more how we work or how things work. Curiosity, adventure, the sense of being in a process that still has much to contribute, restlessness, an allergy to monotony and stagnation, are part of that search.

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We are celebrating: Inner Journey Method ™ launches website

We are celebrating: Inner Journey Method ™ launches website

Published: 24/09/2020

The Inner Journey Method ™ website shows you everything you can do with this powerful method, and is at the same time a resource hub, a meeting point and constant learning.

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Clues to the subconscious mind

Clues to the subconscious mind

Published: 01/09/2020

When a person is accompanied on their inner journey through the Inner Journey Method, the trained facilitator observes and identifies different types of information, which emerge in the form of clues, these are aspects that may be telling us something valuable. All the information is inside us, and the images, concepts and dynamics are vehicles that allow it to surface.

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The inner journey

The inner journey

Published: 01/08/2020

The inner journey, that journey that is unique and personal, is the one that allows us to connect deeply with our being, in a state that is freed from automatic thoughts, limiting beliefs, and from any obstacle to our own unlimited potential.

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